Monday, March 7, 2011

something new every day

Ok, so I realize I'm really terrible at keeping this up to date. I'll do my best.

Laney discovers something new every day. It's really quite amazing, and kind of annoying all at the same time. This week she's discovered the art of squealing. She hasn't decided if she's squealing in delight, or in frustration however, and sometimes flickers from one to the other and back again within seconds. She has also discovered that she has feet. Particularly toes, and likes to try and put them in her mouth whenever possible. Particularly, when I am trying to change her diaper, and need her feet to not be up at her face.

Things with me are the same. I've always persevered through tough times. It's almost as if I enjoy the challenge. I know, I'm crazy. For example, my wrist surgery. I could have waited until my mom was here to help with things. But I decided to have my surgery a full week before she arrives, so that I can learn how to do things while holding a baby and with only one arm. Hrm. And then, because things weren't challenging enough, I decided it was time to re-arrange the living room furniture. With one arm. Silly Alice.

Nursing school is nursing school. I'm finding the maternity section non-challenging, probably because I just lived it not too long ago. 2nd half of this semester is Psych rotation. Joy. Can't wait to hang out with the crazies. Perhaps I'll feel at home. J/K.

David comes home in April for 2 weeks. We are going to try to get pregnant again. Mostly because I love being a mom and can't wait to have more children, but also because I want to see if we can pop one more out on the Army's dime. We lose our Army health insurance in April of 2012, so I'm really hoping that by some act of GOD we get pregnant while he is here. Otherwise we're going to have to wait until I get a stable job in California with good health benefits before we try again. (The reality is that we're not on BC and we'll probably just get pregnant in Nov when he comes home and then we'll have to pay for this kid on our own!) I'm really wanting that baby boy. We'll sell it if it's a girl. Just kidding. ;)

I'm super tired of the snow, and can't wait for things to warm up here. The rain teased us this last week by melting all of the snow. Unfortunately I woke to find several fresh inches this morning. Just in time for mom's arrival tomorrow. I really can't afford to heat this house for much longer. We pay in heat what we pay in rent. That is absurd. Poor Laney's hands were blue today because she was so cold. How terrible of a parent am I?

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