Tuesday, March 29, 2011


When I get bored, I shop. This is never good. We've moved out of maternity and into the world of psychiatric nursing. Rumors from the folks that took psych on the first half of the semester are that it is wicked hard. The average on the first exam was 72%. So in an effort to not be a C student, I am trying to keep on top of the reading. I read the chapters before the lecture. And then during the lecture, instead of following along with the provided notes (which is next to impossible with Ryan's notes anyways, because he never goes in order of how he writes them)I write my own notes. So I read, I hear, and I write. I'm hoping this really helps me to lock this information into my brain. So point being, I'm feeling really on top of things this half. So, now it's Tuesday, my day off. And despite the fact that we don't get paid until Wednesday, I want to go shopping. Not that we have any extra money for shopping anyways. I want to go and get things we don't need! And what's worse, is that I want to buy things for this house that isn't mine. I want to replace the fireplace screen that desperate needs to be updated, and is hanging by a thread. I want to replace the bathroom light because it's horrid. I want to get a new ceiling fan, as this one is broken and does not work at all (not such an issue now, but when it's actually warm here, I'm thinking I'm going to need it). And although I'm sure my landlord wouldn't mind the updates, part of thinks that maybe she would? Not to mention that it's my money, and I KNOW she wouldn't reimburse me on any of it, as she is cheap. She gave me permission to paint a few rooms here, and then upon seeing the bathroom (which used to be PINK but now looks AWESOME!) she said, "oh. It's just not what I would have picked". Translation: "I hate it". So that's what you get- people with different tastes, and different ideas. It's ok. I'm not mad at her about any of it. It's her house. But every day I have to remind myself that this is not my house, and not my project, and I should not be throwing my money into it.

Here's a few pictures of some of the things I'm dieing to change.

The wall paper upstairs!

The blue toilet and sink (and shower)!

This horrible light fixture.

Broken and out of date fireplace screen.

Broken ceiling fan...

Crumbling planters.

I guess the point being that I can't wait to have my own place to be able to fix up again. The way I want with nobody telling me otherwise! Well, except for my husband I guess. We're thinking about buying a foreclosure somewhere with land (maybe Shingle Springs?) so we can afford it, and then we'll get to fix it up. Somewhere closer down the hill but still "pretty".

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  1. You could buy me some new blinds! You'd be shopping, fixing up a house but one that's not a rental, and helping me get rid of my awful verticals! :D