Sunday, November 7, 2010


So it's been 3 days since my mom left and I'm bored. It's not more difficult to be on my own with Laney. I'm managing. I'm still able to do things when she is sleeping. I guess I'm just lonely. I rarely hear from David, and that's no fun. I know he's busy, so I don't get upset about it. It's not easy that our days are his nights and vice versa. I guess the internet connection over there is crap. Last year they had one satellite for just their unit. Now there is one satellite for the entire base. So it's a really slow connection. He got the cheap internet too, so that makes it even worse. We tried to Skype this morning and just kept getting disconnected. He doesn't think it will work at all. I've been really counting on him getting to watch Laney grow this next year through Skype. Now it doesn't seem like that is going to be a reality. I just had an idea! I'll just have to video EVERYTHING! Then I can send him home movies... LOL.

Well, now that I'm all alone, I'm bored. I'm looking forward to coming home for Christmas. Although I hope traveling with her isn't a nightmare. I don't want to be "that person" on the plane with a screaming baby. Hopefully she is good and sleeps. I'll be home for a month. That will be nice. Two more weeks of school here and then we get a week off for Thanksgiving. Then after that it's only one more week of classes and then we have finals! I can't believe I'm only a month away from finishing my first semester.

I've made a lot of good friends. So I'm not totally alone. But people have their own lives...

I'm just so looking forward to having my husband back for good and not having anyone take him away ever again! Then we're back to California!

Here are some pictures of Laney at 7 weeks.

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