Monday, March 21, 2011

"Never drinking again"

How many times have we said that? Saturday I hosted a "yeah, we made it half way through the semester" party. A good time was had by all. A little too good of a time was had be me, I guess. I blame Ray's appletini's. And to top it all off, it just made me feel like a horrible parent. At no point was Laney in harms way, or being neglected (she was asleep for most of the time), but come Sunday morning, when I seriously thought I was going to die- that's when I really felt like an asshole. A big thank you to my classmate Shannon Farnham who literally came right over when I called her. She not only took care of my child for me ALL day, but she fed my dogs, and cleaned my disaster of a kitchen. What a wonderful friend. I literally had to sleep all day. Finally around 3pm, I was able to hold down some chicken broth. Too bad the nursing program doesn't give us any needles with our "practice kits" as I was ready to give myself an IV of fluids, even though we haven't learned how to do that yet!

At some point during our drinking and gaming, Laney woke up. She's pretty easy to get to go back to sleep. So I snuck up stairs to stick her binky back in her mouth. Ray's ex-wife (who was a little past plastered at this point- and we're still trying to figure out why he brought his ex-wife to the party) followed me because she didn't get to see the baby earlier. She really wanted to hold her, and I said NO. My mistake was leaving the room with her still there. As soon as I got back down stairs I could hear Laney crying on the monitor. So back up I go. When I get there, Laney is in her crib, but out of all of her blankets, and way up to one side. I've immediately guessed that this woman picked her up despite my telling her not to. Laney, knowing that this was some stranger, started to cry (good girl!). This woman not only was drunk, but smelled strongly of perfume, and most definitely was not me, and Laney knew so. It took a while for me to calm her down and get her back to sleep. I had to go and make her a fresh bottle to sooth her back to sleep. This woman (as I was downstairs with Laney making the bottle) says "oh good, it wasn't me, she was hungry!"- Uh, no lady, it was you... Then she says, "Let me feed her". I'm thinking "are you crazy?"! I kindly tell her, "no, I think she really just needs her mom right now." She says, "I just want you to go and be a college student." Does this lady realize that I'm 30? And although I was acting stupid by drinking too much without my husband there to begin with, I'm not 18 and I'm not a complete moron. SIGH. So I score negative points on the mom scale for that one.... Geez.

Then when Shannon came over the next day, she says,"what happened to your bathroom?". Not exactly what you want to hear when you are hungover and barely able to move off of the floor. I guess someone decided to use the shower curtain rod as a handlebar and pulled the whole thing down. This, I've decided is remarkably better than puke everywhere. Easily fixed.

So today I find myself saying, "I'll never drink again." And what makes it worse is my husband saying to me last night over the phone as I'm telling him the whole story (well, most of the story, I left out the part about the crazy lady)-"Honey, we're parents now and we have responsibilities"... Like I didn't feel enough like an asshole. He's so cute though, he also says, "Man, I was really hoping you and I could get drunk together". Yikes. Never again. LOL.

So now this week we make the switch from maternity to psych. I'm happy to leave maternity behind. I have been really dreading psych, but now that I'm beyond frustrated with my head maternity instructor- I am all too happy to move to the world of psych. Ryan (psych instructor) has his own idiosyncrasies, but I guess we trade one evil for another. I'd take Ryan over Shinn any day. Let's hope I do well.

4 weeks until my husband come home for his R & R. I can't wait!

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