Friday, May 13, 2011

Tomorrow can't come fast enough

So David and I tried to get pregnant while he was home for his 15 day R & R. The timing was perfect and I ovulated right when he was here. Should have been a breeze. Being that I just took maternity nursing, and know all of the time lines for fertilization, implantation, and such, I knew that about 10 days after I ovulated I could ideally take a pregnancy test. This would be about 4 days before my expected period. According to the pregnancy test box, this yields only a 54% accuracy. But one day before the expected period yields a 95% accuracy.

SO. I've been tracking my temperature daily since I quit breastfeeding in February. This is the best way to guess ovulation. I say guess, because it's not an exact science. There is also some mucus evaluation, but for everyone's sake, I wont get into that here. ;) So March to April my cycle was exactly 28 days. Exactly what is average. So here we are now, April to May, and at days 25 (4 days before) and 27 (1 day before) I got two negative pregnancy tests.

Oh well, I tell myself. Not a lot I can really do about that. I mean, I can't make my body get pregnant. So I told my husband about the tests, and psyched myself up for all of the positive things that come with not having a baby for the next 2 years (have to wait until we are back in CA and I have a job! Interviews go a lot better when you're not 9 months pregnant). Emotionally, I was really over it quite quickly. Better to just move on with life, eh? Plus, I was really starting that think that I was crazy for wanting to go through another semester pregnant. Only bonus is that the proposed baby would be due mid-January (when we are on winter break) so I wouldn't have to miss any school!

So come Tuesday night I'm expecting to start my period. Nothing. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have my nursing final on Friday (that was today) so stress could be a factor here, although I really don't FEEL stressed out, so who knows. Anyways, Tuesday night, nothing. Wednesday night, nothing. THURSDAY night, nothing. It is now, Friday night, and so far, nothing. I told myself that I just wanted to get through this week, and this final, and that if I still hadn't gotten my period by Friday, then I would take a test on Saturday morning. So, there you have it. Tomorrow can't come fast enough.

I'm going to be really confused if it's still negative. This cycle is officially at 31 days, which isn't crazy, but it's long. I guess I should give my body a break. I mean, after all it's only had two periods since December of 2009. It may take a while to get back into a normal rhythm. However, if I AM pregnant after all, it will be a pleasant surprise. I'm thinking about not telling my husband and seeing the look on his face when he comes home in October to a wife 6 months pregnant. Just kidding. I couldn't NOT tell him. I mean, I just told you all of that, and I don't even really know who is reading this! ;) Would be good to know though, so leave a comment, would ya?!

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  1. Well I mean I don't really have to leave a comment for you to know *I'm* reading do I? lol