Sunday, May 8, 2011

Boredom may possibly kill me

I'm already dreading this summer and the endless days in a row with nothing to do. This next week finishes out my second semester of nursing school. Yeah! After that we have 3 weeks off and then I start a month of summer school. Basically the entire month of June is devoted to Microbiology. Super. After that, it's nearly 7 weeks of utter and complete boredom.

I don't plan on visiting California. Just too much money, and too much of a hassle flying with Laney at this age and worrying about the dogs. But I am thinking about making a road trip to Wisconsin to visit family there for a few weeks. I can take the dogs with me. It's about a 13 hour drive. Then I can show off this cute baby, and see my cousin's new baby, and visit with everyone.

I also could go and visit some friends that moved to Canada a few years ago. That too is about a 13 hour drive. The dogs would have to stay home for that one though.

I started putting in my garden yesterday. Hard work tilling everything up by hand! I'm using the old flower beds on the back of the house. They are made out of railroad ties, and have two tiers. They are completely falling apart, and it's taking all of the strength I have not to hire an excavator and rip the whole thing down and replace it. I'm dying to be back in my own place.

My landlord comes for a visit this Tuesday, and I'm secretly hoping she'll have this magical budget to spend on improving the house for this next year. I can't decide what's at the top of my list. Replacing the carpet upstairs, or both toilets and the blue sink. I think cost wise, the toilet's and sink would be cheaper. I don't know.

Everything has been breaking around here lately. Our drier died a few months ago, but luckily a friend of mine had an extra set of washer/drier when they moved and "loaned" us their drier. Unfortunately that drier has now died. And although we were planning on getting a new washer/drier when we got back to CA, guess we had to move up the timetable a bit. I hate that we are going to have to move them with us back to CA and was hoping we could wait it out and sell the ones we had here and just get new ones there. Guess not.

Now the lawn mower is broken. We bought it off the side of the road for $250, and it's had a good run. It works fine when David is here to replace the belts that brake, etc. I broke a belt day before yesterday, and it's not something I can fix. So the question now is, do I buy a new lawn mower (riding), or do I hire someone to mow my lawn for two summers? I'll have to do the math, but if I'm remembering correctly, the maintenance guys my landlord uses said they charge $30 a week! For that price it's better to just buy our own (but they aren't cheap, and again, I hate moving a giant piece of equipment like that back to CA). ERggg... All of this when I'm desperately trying to save money so that we have income in the 5 months we are stuck here after David get's out of the Army and I have to finish nursing school.

I hope it all works out.

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