Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not pleased

Tonight one of my fellow classmates hosted a huge party to celebrate making it through one year of nursing. I, of course, having no other choice, took my daughter. Because she is an awesome child, I knew that it would not be a problem. She did ok, until it was nap time. I've refused to buy a pack-n-play, mostly because I feel like I've made it 8 months without one, I don't need one now! Well, when you're in a strange house, with no crib, and your child needs to nap... a pack-n-play would come in super handy. So I'm trying to get her to fall asleep in her car-seat (which I've strategically put in the master bathroom). The house is not air-conditioned, and it's hot as heck. The master bath is mostly tile, and the coolest place I could find to put her that was quiet.

She slept for a little bit.

I had a few beers. I was not pleased when one of my fellow nursing students (who is only 19, and drinking herself) rudely asks me how I'm getting home. At this point it's 4pm (we've been there for an hour or so and I'm just starting my second beer). She says, "my boyfriend can drive you and your baby home, I don't want you to be irresponsible and drive with your child." Although I appreciate the gesture (actually, I really didn't) I told her thanks but no thanks. 3 or 4 Bud Lights over the time span of 6 hours is not going to do me in. I know enough to stop drinking a few hours before I have to drive home. I'm 30 years old! I can have a beer and not be considered an irresponsible parent! Dang!

But what really makes me not pleased is the fact that I'm so far from home. Nothing would have been better than to take Laney to my mom's and drop her off for the night, so that I could really celebrate the year and not have to run into the house every five minutes to check on my child.

At one point just as I was walking in to check on her, some dude is walking out of the bathroom (presuming he just used it) and I hear a crying baby. Thanks for not waiting for the main guest bathroom dude and waking up my child. Then I found a quiet spot in an upstairs bedroom and tried to get her to go to sleep up there, but she just wasn't having it. So I did the responsible parent thing and went home to put her to bed. What I really wanted to do was play "flip cup" with the rest of my friends. I really wanted a margarita. But I stuck with the crappy Bud Light.

I really want my mom! I want to know that my child is safe somewhere, and that I can go out and enjoy an evening and not have to worry about her.

I can't wait to be back home.

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