Saturday, April 10, 2010

LIfe is full of disappointments

So it seems that life is full of disappointments. Who knew?
David came home the other night and said that there was no way he was going to be able to come home in June at all. He was going to have to miss his brother's wedding. Why this devastates me I just don't know. I've been prepping myself for months that this would happen, just so that I was ready for it. But somehow, I really thought the Army would pull through.

And I can't be mad (even though I am), because how are they to know that the one month that we have major plans they are doing a massive and critical training for the deployment to Afghanistan?

Which brings me to another subject. I'm soooo done with the Army. I wish there was some way for David to "quit". Now that it's more than just him and I on the line, I just can't stand having him be gone. We've been lucky thus far this year, and I really shouldn't complain, but I'm dreading him being deployed and missing the entire first year of our first child's life. It really breaks my heart. And I know it breaks his too.

So, looks like I've got to go down to Army headquarters and be the pregnant wife that gives 'em hell. See if I can convince someone to let him at least make it to the wedding. I don't mind that he'll miss my 30th birthday, or our anniversary- But I'm really upset that he can't even be there for the wedding. He's going to try to get a 4 day pass from this training just to make it to the wedding. Unfortunately that's more of something that they do for higher ranking officers and such, so we'll see.

And by the way, I'm really tired of all of the "well that's what you get for marrying a solder" comments on facebook. Like I chose for the love of my life to be a soldier! Jeez people, have a little sympathy.

Oh, and by the way, it's another Saturday, and I'm here alone because David is at a 24 hour duty. It kills me that he puts in all this time and works so hard, and nobody recognizes that. And what's worse is there will soon be a change in command, with a new Captain to impress that has no idea how hard David has been working these last few months and how much he's been covering everyone's asses (whilst people are gone to various trainings, etc). So his 4 day pass request will get looked at with fresh eyes, and most likely a laugh.

We'll see.

On a positive note, the baby is doing well. I will officially be in my 5th month on Monday. I know, right?! Apparently this is a period of rapid growth for the baby, so I should be getting rounder. I seem to have plateaued on my weight gain, and while that's normally good, it frightens me a little bit that I haven't gained a pound a week at this point like they say you should. (although apparently my "legs are looking bigger" according to David- gee thanks honey).

We finally got a baby dresser (two actually). A few people have sent some cute clothes, and my aunt made me a wonderful baby blanket, so things are actually starting to come together.

Three more weeks and we know the sex of the baby.
I've yelled at David for seemingly not having an interest in choosing names. He says he'd like to wait for the list to be half what it is now before he actually puts in his two sense. The two names I'm favoring (boy and girl) he doesn't like at all, so I guess that's that. For some reason my girl list is twice as long as my boy list. Probably means it will be a boy, and I'll have a hard time choosing. Although amazingly we both agree on a boy name that we like- so we'll see if that's the final answer. ;) I'll keep it as a surprise!

I'm dieing to feel this baby move. I swear if I concentrate really hard I feel like I can feel something. I know in a few months I'll be wishing the baby would stop kicking.
People- listen to me now- Don't take your abs for granted! It's amazing how much we use our core and don't even realize it. I'm barely a bump and normal things are so hard to do. I cringe to think how much harder things will get when I'm bigger. It's already hard to put on socks. Sit up from a laying position. Throw a baseball for my dog. Bend over at all. So love your abs you non-pregnant women! Treat them well!

Until next time!
Here's a cute prego pic.


  1. It sucks that David will miss all that stuff and I#ll keep my fingers crossed that they'll give him a 4 day pass. When I was pregnant with Liv I didn't like any boys names so it's a good job she was a girl!! Keep your chin up kiddo xx

  2. You'll have so much fun with the rest of us here it will be okay! :)