Thursday, April 1, 2010

For Anne

Apparently I don't blog enough. ;) This one's for you Anne!

SO... uhhhh.... Not much happening here.
The weather is finally warm today. It's so strange. Yesterday it was raining, and I was wearing a sweatshirt. Today it's 75 and I'm in a tank top and short and sunbathing in the "backyard".

Been battling mucus in my sinuses, which has the occasion to give me a super fun headache! Apparently pregnancy increases blood flow to your mucus membranes, hence the stuffy noses.

We have our 16 week ultrasound on Monday and I can't wait to see how much the baby has grown from 10 weeks. I can't help but worry. I know, it's bad for everyone, but gosh! Until I can feel this baby move inside of me (not until about 20 weeks) then I'm gonna worry! At this point the baby gender is distinguishable, but our mid-wife that will be doing our ultrasound on Monday says he's really terrible at determining the sex and that we shouldn't even ask him. I'm going to tell him not to bullshit a bullshitter, I mean, how many years has he been doing this? Come on man, give me something to work with!
Otherwise we have an official appointment with a certified ultrasound tech the first week in May. I can't wait that long! I'm just looking forward to culling down my list of names to one gender.


David's CO told him that his leave request for June will be denied. I guess they have HATs (High Altitude Training) in Colorado in June and nobody is getting leave granted. I guess my birthday, our anniversary and his brothers wedding are not that important to the Army. He thinks they are in two two-week increments and that he can hopefully get assigned to the first one and then make it to Cali by the 16th or so. Just in time for the wedding. We're not worrying the bride and groom yet (we're both in the wedding), as the Army is terrible about making any decisions more than 5 minutes in advance.

David suggested that maybe if he puts in a request for more than 30 days then it will go above his CO to be approved (this is the regular process). He's not sure, but I think it's worth a try.
I told him, "I love you babe, but I'm going to Cali with or without you."

I'm really starting to look pregnant, and silly impatient me just can't wait to be "bigger". Silly I know. I'm just not round enough yet! I want to "look" pregnant. Here's a pic of me below. 15 weeks and 4 days. I've been doing weekly shots of me in my pj's and plan to do time lapse thingy with them. Stay tuned for that at the end! LOL.

Well, the boys have the next 4 days off, and it's supposed to be in the 70's all weekend, so hopefully we can enjoy the out of doors! I need some sun! I'm WHITE!

Until next time!

15 weeks and 4 days

Adam and David wish they were pregnant too! Silly boys!


  1. You do look big already! I'm so happy for you and your boys look great!! Fingers crossed the Army come through and approve the leave!!! xx

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  3. Have i mentioned yet how appropriate it seems that you live with two men?

    Moving on...

    Yay for the sunshine. Its still snowing off and on here.. and I'm only at 1300 feet and in CALI! WTF!!!

    Good luck with the time off. it'l be good to see you.

    And did i read that right your mid-wife is a guy??? Does that make him a mid-husband? and seriously how much more embarassing is that than being a male nurse? More power to him though I am curious as to who goes to school to be a mid-wife, and how many guys do you find in those classes? Is it like the human sexuality, and women lit classes where the guys just go there to meet women??

    Ah i've been in cowboy country for sometime... in this neghborhood if you don't own a truck, drink and chew then you get run out of town with pitchfork wielding farm boys. (you should see what the guys have to do)

    Today I saw a guy driving an orange truck from the 70's (at least) with a pipe in his mouth and a hound dog in the back, and i just heard two gun shots from scross the street.. uh oh looks like a dispute and the casino.. I don't make this stuff up!

    Yay for pregnant Alice!

  4. Pregnany Alice, whatever. Yay for *me*! LOL And since we know Alice loves Grey's then she's probably watching Private Practice too which means a male midwife is somehow only appropriate. :) Can't wait to see you this summer. :)

  5. Pregnant Alice, whatever. Yay for *me*! LOL And since we know Alice loves Grey's then she's probably watching Private Practice too which means a male midwife is somehow only appropriate. :) Can't wait to see you this summer. :)

  6. crap how'd Jill remove her post so I can delete the one that says pregnany... !

  7. I wish our mid-wife was like Dale. I'd have Dale deliver my baby! He's awesome!

    Jill- we're like the reverse of 3's Company! It's awesome. Except Adam has been doing a lot of trainings lately, so he's not around much.

    Basically I'm alone a lot. I'm used to it by now. *sigh*