Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As if I wasn't emotional enough in life, you throw in pregnancy and hormone levels double every two days. Swell.

To top it all off, I'm home alone all day with nothing to do. Every little thing sets me off. I cry if I see someone crying on television. I cry if David says the wrong thing (which could be a silly as "I have to work on Saturday").

I'm nauseous all of the time. Thank God I'm not throwing up. I mostly sleep. What a boring existence.

The cramps have subsided. My breasts are still sore (and huge!).

Now I just wait for time to go by.
David doesn't want me to get a job. I've applied for several last week, but have yet to hear from anyone.

I need something to do before I go crazy. I'm crazy enough all ready.

I try to set mini goals for myself... things to look forward to. Bowling on Wednesday, visiting with cousins on Saturday. Going home in June for several weeks.
Making lists of names. Thinking about where we're going to put this baby. I think the "man cave" is going to have to become the office and the office is going to have to become the baby's room. we'll see how the boys feel about that. ;)

As always I wish I could fast forward through some of this pregnancy (a common theme in my life) and get to the good stuff. The part where I actually look pregnant instead of just really bloated or fat. I can't fit into most of my pants already. I'm not even supposed to be showing yet! Frustrating that I'm not sure if I've just gained weight from eating too much, or if I really can blame the baby. Supposedly my uterus is now the size of a grapefruit. I'd think that would make me show a little bit!

Here is the first ultrasound from about 6 weeks. Not much to see, but you can make out the yolk sack if you try hard enough.

Second ultrasound on Friday. Looking forward to seeing how much bigger the baby is. Hopefully we'll see a heartbeat. :)


  1. Text or email friends...
    Knitting- Sewing
    Short walks
    trolling the internet is always fun and time consuming. :)
    DIY Projects can fill time...
    www.babyhold.com interesting baby names
    Reading (heh baby books?)
    Find other pregnant women and start a "We are Prego" group ;)
    Throw things at your roommate or random passerbys... that can be fun, but can be considered harrasment etc...
    I know boredom sucks...
    So hopefully these give you some fun ideas or at least gave you a giggle.
    I'm excited for you! Hugs n loves!

  2. 1. go on scavenger hunts.
    2. rewatch all 10 seasons of friends.
    3. count how many times you breathe in an hour and periodically recheck to see if you are consistant.
    4. rearrange the house furnature.
    5. organize your clothes by color.
    6. take and art class.
    7. Decoupage something.
    8. Learn how to play Davids video games and then proceed to beat all his high scores.

    that should keep you busy for awhile...

  3. Ooo! I like Jill's #8! I vote for that one! And why doesn't that silly husband of yours not want you to work? He *wants* to come home to a crazy woman every night? :)

  4. I already have my clothes organized by color. tee-hee.
    and really Anne- Thanks! He's nuts for letting me be nuts.

    thanks for the ideas guys!