Monday, April 11, 2011

Should be studying

So it's spring break here. David doesn't arrive to approximately Sunday this week, which means he misses my entire week off. Such is life. I should be studying for my lab practical on Monday morning, but all I can think about it making it to Sunday without going crazy. My lab teacher is letting me test early so that I can hopefully pass and have one less thing off of my plate. We have 3 tries to pass. 5 skills, one of which we draw a card from a hat- and that's what we get tested on. So I have to know all 5! Yikes! Setting up IV, Reconstituting powder medication and adding it to an IV piggyback (and adding that the the regular IV), IM and SubQ injections, foley catheter, and sterile dressing changes. All of us are praying we don't draw IV piggyback, as that's the hardest one with the most steps to mess us. The good news is that my lab instructor really likes me, and I feel like if I started to fumble on something she would walk me through it and pass me anyways. Plus she knows my husband is coming home, and I think she wants to help me out.

Plus, Friday next week we have our first exam. Also should be studying for that. I don't want to. I just want to do well, and not study. Can't life be like that? Jeez.

Not much going on here. The weather is really warming up. Thank God for that. I've been taking the dogs (and kid) out and walking some local trails in town. Still trying to lose this baby weight before I get pregnant again. LOL. Everything has slimmed down and I'm happy with my body, except for my stomach! I don't know what to do, but this extra 5-10 lbs on my stomach that is ROUND and in the shape of a baby, is really annoying. My mother actually told me that I'll probably have to "have some work done" on it after I'm done having kids. Super, just what everyone wants to look forward to in life- liposuction and muscle repair.

OH well. After you have a baby, you kind of learn to accept your new body for what it is. My boobs will never be the same as they were. I have stretch marks on my sides (one OB doc told me that those were my battle scars). And I'm not even going to tell you about my nether region. ;)

Thank God my husband loves me despite all of this.

Here are some pictures of Delaney and I at the sugar shack

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