Sunday, October 4, 2009

to keep in touch

So I've decided to start a blog to keep in touch with everyone. This will be the documentary of my journey through moving back to NY (again) and going through nursing school, and hopefully pregnancy... and eventually another deployment (possibly).

Friday was my last day of work at Sutter. And tomorrow starts my 4 days of packing and getting ready to move to NY. I'm filled with mixed emotions. I'm thrilled to get to be back with my husband again and can't wait to start that part of my life again. BUT... I'm sad to leave behind all of my friends and the job that I love.

Unless you are a military wife, it's hard to explain what it is really like. Nothing is ever for certain, and you are constantly holding your breath. I guess I've made peace with fate and life and what is meant to be. I am content knowing that I've found my true love, and that now I can peacefully die at least knowing that much. I know, morbid. but unless you're there, it's hard to understand.

For those of you that have known me for years, you can understand that I've finally found "it". All those restless nights... long in the past.

Well, I'm nervous about New York. Mostly nervous about not finding something that will occupy my time and give me a purpose in life. I spent most of last year (2008) unemployed and gained too much weight and felt, well useless... This next year (or two and a half) I vow to "contribute to society" in some way. I WILL NOT BE A BUM.

Perhaps I'll achieve what I've been longing too since I was 15, and I will finally become a mom. (no pressure honey!)... I should take solace in the fact that my husband (who knows he will more than likely deploy again next fall) does not want to be an absent father, and wants to wait until we are out of the military to start having children.... however.. that maternal clock within me... is TICK TICK TICKING>>> and it's hard to compromise and WAIT. Let me just say that we plan to let fate play it's hand... and come what may... hee, hee, hee... (ok. so the power of my v-jay jay may work it's magic toooo.... lol).

I promise to make friends. I promise to keep in touch with the friends I've left behind.

So here is my blog. Follow if you will!

I'll try to measure snow fall and such to keep it interesting! lol.


  1. HA! First Comment!!! Woot!! Ok, so seriously, I was doing homework... honest...

  2. Ok, now for the real comment: We all love you and will all miss you until you get back! Or we go to Wisconsin again!

  3. So glad you have a blog - I expect pics & video on "The Life of Alice"!
    Now, take my advice & don't wait on having babies - you never know if it'll take a while. I waited & waited - here I am at 42 finally getting my munchkins! Just do it!
    Take care girl!