Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's all worth it

I've been feeling kind of sad lately as I've been getting ready to move back to New York. It's hard to say goodbye to all of my friends, the job that I love and my family. It's hard to abandon my mom, my best friend.

But this morning as I watched my husband sleeping, I realized that it is all worth it. All of that sadness and the fears and worries that come with starting over and moving all disappeared. I can't describe to you how difficult it is to live without your other half for any amount of time.

I've always been a strong natured and independent woman. I've always known that I can survive through anything. And I did survive while he was gone. I carried on with my life, I did the best with what I had. But now I can finally sleep again. I can rest easy knowing that he is safe and home. I can finally breathe.

I'm still sad that I've had to leave so much behind. But I'm happy at the same time that my love is home.

Although I hate the sacrifice that we have to make for his job- When he comes home it's all worth it.

So, even though it bothers him when people say thank you to him for his service, I don't mind. I'm thankful too. Thankful that he's chosen to do a difficult job for his country. Proud (in an non-overly patriotic kind of way) of him and his service. And thankful that he has come home again.

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