Sunday, October 24, 2010

Too Long and lot's of changes

I realize it's been months since my last post. And so many things have changed. First of all, Laney has been born. September 16th, 2010 at 7:37 pm. Looking back now, I can easily say that it wasn't hard. I'm sure if you asked me at the time, I'd say something different. She was putting a lot of pressure on my back, and that was pretty intense for a few hours. But once I had the epidural (which was scary in itself) all was better! Even though I couldn't feel my right leg at all. I only actively pushed for about 45 minutes. I didn't tear, and she came out pretty easily. I'd spent the last few months freaking out that she had Downs Syndrome, and so when she came out, the first thing I said to David was, "is she normal?". He's never going to let me live that one down. Needless to say she is as "normal" as she can be with David and I as her parents. Ha, ha. Other than that, she's healthy and happy!

Breastfeeding was treacherous the first 3 weeks. My nipples cracked and bled, and every time she latched it hurt so bad for the first 30 seconds I thought for sure I couldn't endure much more. But my the end of the first month, things are much better, and it doesn't hurt when she latches on at all. It's like that movie "Four Christmases" and the sister in law that says her nipples are so numb that she can't feel a thing anymore- "Go ahead, flick it". Let's just say, that as I'm typing this, she is propped up on the Boppy pillow, and breast feeding. Look mom, no hands!

Speaking of mother's, mine is here visiting and being such a wonderful help, I don't know what I'll do when she's gone. I haven't done laundry or dishes in over a month. LOL. I'M SPOILED. She's been here for 3 weeks and has been absolutely wonderful! She'll get up in the middle of the night to help feed or rock Laney, especially if I have school the next day.

School! Well, that has been going wonderfully. I was really nervous about being the only "non-traditional" student, but turns at that about 50% of my class seems to be "non-traditional" (which means anyone that is not 18 and right out of High School). I've made a few really great friends, and classes are going really well. Up until last week I was keeping an A average in all of my classes (now I'm down to a B in Fundamentals- oh well). I really thought this program would be harder than it is, but the pace has been nice and easy, and I seem to be keeping on top of everything without a problem. We'll see how it goes when my mom leaves and I have to start cleaning my own house again. She leaves in two more weeks. *sigh*

I'll devote my next blog to my crazy college teachers, as that is an entire subject on it's own. LOL.

David deployed this last week. By now he's most likely made it to Afghanistan. It is what it is. I hate that he's gone and has to miss an entire year of our daughters life. The first year at that! But odds are she wont really remember anyway. She looks just like him, and that makes it weird for me. Little mini David. I try not to worry about his safety. It's just how I cope. I ignore that he's in a dangerous place and that things could go drastically wrong. Why worry? It's just not good for my mental health. I feel like the time is going to fly by very quickly because I'm in school. I really love living in Canton so much better. I think it's because I have something to do. Something to focus on and a way to better myself and contribute to society. I'm not just sitting at home watching TV and getting fat and hating being here.

David and I are really looking forward to getting back to California. We're dreaming up all of the remodel projects we want to do to the house (mostly because DIY network is on non-stop in our house). I'm nervous about the finances of it all when we are no longer employed by the US Government. My goal is to save up a nice little nest egg over this next year, so that we have money to fall back on when it comes time to move home and finds jobs. I'm hoping with my nursing license that I'll be able to find a job easily, but we'll see. The plan is that I will work and David will go to school full time and watch the kid(s) (and no, I'm not pregnant again, but we'll have more some day!). He's started an online college program and hopes to get as much of his AA out of the way as possible while on this deployment. He thinks he can finish a two year degree in one year, but I know better than that. He's only signed up for two classes this first semester (or maybe he's on the quarter system, I'm not sure). At that rate, he'll take 5 years to finish! LOL. We'll see. I'm excited that he's starting. He's such a smart guy, and he never really finished High School (dropped out his Sophomore year and got his GED). And now that he's more mature, he's willing to actually sit and learn, and I know he'll just soak it all up!

Ok, so I have a fussy baby that I'm ignoring, so I'd better get to that (grandma is consoling her, but I've got to get used to the idea that grandma is not always going to be here).

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  1. Okay so I'm like your blog-stalker or something, but it's nice to see a new post from you, even though you have so much less time now to be blogging about anything. :)