Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not Depressed

I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm not depressed. OK, well, I'm not that depressed. So don't be sending out the mental health experts, or the straight jackets just yet.

Jill put it nicely when she said that I am just in-between adventures right now. She couldn't be more right. I have absolutely nothing to do and it's really depressing and utterly boring. I'm trying to make the most of sitting around all day at home with no car and no company(other than the dogs). Actually it's probably best that I don't have a car or else I'd be spending too much money (shopping is a great way to ease boredom). Rachael Ray provides me with amazing dinners for my two boys. That seems to be the highlight of my day.

So thank you to all of you that read and comment and worry. I'm not big at talking on the phone for hours, but love the comments, and the emails and the virtual "conversations" that we have.

I continue to try not to worry, and keep up the hope that "everything will be all right".

I'm really looking forward to coming home for the entire month of June. Looking forward to a baby shower with all of my friends and family. My brother in laws wedding. My 30th birthday. Our 2nd anniversary (hopefully spent on the coast of California!). And maybe even 4th of July in Tahoe (if the army will let us be away from the north country for that long).

Come August we will have plenty to do. David and I are planning to move to the town my college is in (an hour north of the base). My nursing classes start at the end of August (9 months pregnant should be a blast). I'm due September 20th, and unfortunately have to try and miss as little school as possible. Dad gets to play mom for that first month until he leaves for Afghanistan (he should get 30 days of paternity leave- we hope). My mom plans to visit for a few weeks as well. I realize it's going to be tough, but we'll manage somehow. I always love a challenge. If anybody else wants to take a week or two off between Oct and Christmas to come watch my kid for me while I'm at school, you're welcome to come! I'm sure I'll enjoy your company and the help!

Until then, I just try and bide my time. On a positive note the morning sickness has seemed to ease up a lot. I guess this week the placenta has taken over it's job of filtering and etc.. So I'm feeling better.

Just want to say thanks all for being my friends.


  1. Boredom does bad stuff to anyone. I figure if I ever got put in solitary confinement I'd go certifiably insane in a matter of days. Any big plans for the b-day firmed up yet? Inquiring minds want to know! And come August, you'll be wishing you'd stored up some of the 'nothing to do' to enjoy later. :)

  2. Birthday will most likely be in Sac. David is supposed to be in charge of coming up with something good. I really want to go out drinking with my girls, but obviously I can't do that. I'm thinking day spa, massages, pedicures, etc. Then maybe a nice dinner somewhere with everyone... That sounds nice. So that that Friday off work so we can get pampered! lol. You think they make massage tables for pregnant women? Ya know, with a belly hole cut out? lol.

  3. Sounds fun! I'm not so sure I'd have been able to afford a Vegas trip anyway! I know lots of places do pregnancy massages though I don't know about the table. :)